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Weight Loss Strategies That Work


Weight Loss ~ Lose Weight and Feel Great with Hypnosis


We specialize in helping people lose 50-300 pounds of unhealthy weight.  If you are severely obese, and want to finally become a new person, we provide transformation. Successful, healthy weightloss occurs when you are able to blend motivation, commitment and high nutrient food choices with significant  lifestyle changes.


You may have tried in in the past, but through hypnosis, you can achieve your goal.  You can reverse illness and end the suffering and fear your unhealthy weight is producing.


Fad diets are not the solution to weight loss.


Ultimately, you already know the only formula for stable weight loss - burn more calories than the number consumed, more often than not. You must make your calories work for you, not against you. Our program focuses on high nutrient density eating.  It really is not how many calories you eat, but what is in those calories.   You will not be on a diet.   We will teach you how to make different choices, learning to nourish the body.   This breaks the cycle of addiction to food, emotional eating and removes the blocks that have kept you from success.


The reason people don’t have success is often because the have not been taught how to use the subconscious mind to alter the life-long destructive patterns of eating and how to create dramatic lifestyle changes.  We will teach you what you need to know to live life in a manor of living that bring hope, change and weight release.


Our solution-focused program can enhance your weightloss results.
Hypnosis can change your mind, and your mind can change your body.


As a Certified Clinical Hypnotist, Christopher Vige  understands the mind-body connection. Although the programs we offer do not include in-office physical activity, you will be encouraged to engage in a holistic weight loss approach that involves reprogramming your automatic and subconscious eating patterns through hypnosis and increasing your physical activity in a manner consistent with your desired goals.


We offer a comprehensive weight loss program that utilizes hypnosis and we take into consideration your unique individual needs.

Weight Loss Program I:

Our weight loss program includes 2 3-Session packages. Each package designed to increase your nutrition consumption, activity levels and remove any resistance to achieving your goal to be fit and healthy. 

Package 1 gets you started with all the right tools and mindset to take this adventure head on. 

Package 2  takes you to your game level for your body transformation and feeling better than ever before. 

Each Package of 3 Sessions is only $350!









Weightloss Program II:   6 Sessions


For those who have found weight maintenance difficult or need to lose more challenging amounts (40-75-300 pounds), engaging in extended weekly sessions is the most effective strategy for augmented weight loss. We have worked with many clients who have been in life or death situations and yet have failed at other methods. We want you to be successful and our approach to high nutrient density eating is one of the most well researched methods of losing weight and restoring health.


This comprehensive six-session plan includes educational components, supportive accountability, development of a personalized healthy eating plan, and incorporating daily activity and hypnosis for long-term motivation and healthy, lasting change.


            The comprehensive 6-Session Weight loss Program  is $700.

Additional Single Sessions, if desired = $117 each.



Friends and Family Discounts


People benefit from peer supports. Bring a friend, spouse or family member with you and complete the program together, and you will each receive a discount.


If two or three people attend the Weight-loss Program I sessions together, the price is $199 per person.


Contact us for pricing on groups of 4 or more.


What a bargain!  With a friend you can lose weight, look better and feel better
than ever before ~ All for about $2.20 per day over the next 90 days!

What are you waiting for?


We have the solution for obesity.

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