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Pain Control and




The South Louisiana Hypnosis Center does not diagnose or treat medical conditions. If you are having health problems and are not being treated by a licensed physician, please consult a doctor for the diagnosis and treatment of any illness or disease.


Research shows hypnosis can be a very useful tool in helping clients manage pain, avoid complications of health related conditions, and recover faster from disease and injury. The Tulsa Hypnosis Center provides services to help people control symptoms, change perceptions regarding health, and promote a healthy sense of well being.


Hypnosis can be a natural, useful and beneficial practice for those being treated by a physician for any of the following conditions:

Chronic Pain


Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Cancer Recovery


Surgical Preparation and Recovery


Strengthening Health


Migraines / Fibromyalgia / I.B.S. and Other Distressing Conditions




Stop Physical Conditions from Stopping You


The latest research shows that cognitive-behavioral interventions and hypnotherapy are effective tools for managing the symptoms of physical discomfort.


The mind controls how we experience and interpret pain and discomfort. 
If you experience migraines, chronic pain or other physical problems, we have solutions


Our approach to hypnotherapy creates a mind-body connection that restores health and prior functioning in many cases. This total wellness strategy integrates targeted hypnosis sessions with therapeutic relaxation training to create effective outcomes.


You will benefit from our programs designed to reduce pain, discomfort and misery and enjoy
your new found freedom to feel good, naturally.


Most people experience dramatic improvement in just 1 or 2 sessions, and you can, too!


Three Sessions are $350.

Individual Sessions for established clients  are $117.

**ALL Pain Control and Medical Hypnosis Sessions Require a Completed Referral form and Letter of Referral from a Licensed M.D. and/or Licensed Professional prior to First Session. 


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