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Academic & Sports Performance



The South Louisiana Hypnosis Center is all about helping people achieve their highest level of personal performance, and that extends to the academic and sports arena as well. Olympic athletes, professionals, and amateur athletes at all levels have used hypnosis to improve concentration, make subtle changes with big impact, manage performance anxiety and maximize potential.



 Improve Concentration and Focus


As a martial artist and Certified Clinical Hypnotist, Christopher Vige is personally interested in helping people achieve goals related to sports and physical performance.


Hypnosis is used by golfers, competitive dancers, basketball players, poker players and individuals from every sporting background to improve focus and concentration, and to achieve goals.



Our comprehensive academic & sports performance programs take into consideration your personal goals and unique strengths and abilities, and can help you to maximize your individual performance.  If you want to be at the top of your game, you must not only receive the physical training, but also the mental training necessary to reach the top.




Most athletes see us for three sessions.  During these sessions you will learn how to use hypnosis and mindfulness strategies to create change in your academic & athletic performance, control self-defeating emotions related to performance anxiety or self-criticism, and most importantly, reach your goal of peak level performance, based on the mental training techniques you will learn.




Three sessions are $350

Of course, rising to the top of your class, is PRICELESS.






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