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  1.  ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists value continuing education and seek opportunities to continue to grow in knowledge.

  2.  ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists recognize both the benefits and the limitations of clinical hypnosis.

  3.  ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists promote hypnotherapy with demonstrated efficacy

  4.  ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists accurately represent their educational experiences to clients, using only accredited degrees in representing themselves in both product and service. (Accredited degrees are those degrees awarded by schools recognized by CHEA and the US Department of Education, or accredited by the government of a non-USA country)

  5.  ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists recognize the need for psychological and medical referrals to other professionals and build relationships with other disciplines of helping.

  6. ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists provide clients with informed consent at the outset of hypnotherapy.

  7. ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists keep client information confidential, except when required by law, or with the client’s written consent prior to release of confidential information.

  8. ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists avoid dual-relationships and sexual contact with clients.

  9. ICBCH Certified Hypnotists who offer professional services addressing sexual enhancement, performance or functioning are required to hold professional licensure as medical or mental health professionals or have written referral from a licensed profession to render services related to sexuality.

  10. ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists provide services in the context of professional business arrangements, and establish fees and payment arrangements clearly understood by clients.

  11. ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists recognize the need to adhere to the principles of respecting others and publicly demonstrating hypnosis in non-clinical settings.

  12. ICBCH Certified Hypnotherapists promote public awareness of hypnotherapy.

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